Spartacus Capital is an alternative investment company.

Spartacus focuses on investing in innovative technologies that can solve global problems in health via diagnostic, medical device and life science solutions. In clean tech- providing clean transportation, energy efficiency, and clean energy. And in technologies that address economic sustainability of cities and citizens- internet of things for smart cities, predictive analytics, social media and mobile technologies.
Spartacus Capital focuses on growth/pre-IPO/cross over stage investment opportunities and also does buyout and early stage opportunistically. As a value enhancement investment firm, we provide not only capital but also collectively over hundred years of operation, marketing and industry related experience to portfolio companies.

About the Health Care Sector Outlook

Main factors driving health care demand — among them, aging populations, the rise of chronic diseases, and the advent of innovative and frequently expensive treatments (e.g., for cancer, cardiovascular and beyond)— should lead to increased pharma spending. Although biotech drugs have steadily carved a niche for themselves in the pharma market, traditional chemical-based drugs continue to dominate life sciences sector sales, therefore both areas of pharma will continue to be areas of interest to Spartacus in selecting portfolio investments that should provide higher returns.

The health industry will begin to lay down new paths to a more connected, transparent, convenient ecosystem of care. Forging new ways of receiving, paying for, and delivering care is a hallmark of the creation of a new health economy — an industry that is more digital, nimble, responsive, and focused on consumers. As organizations master these tools and services, they will combine them in new ways, form new partnerships, and ultimately transform the industry. Diagnostics will play a key role in the future and therefore is an area of focus for Spartacus.

During the last decade, the United States medical device industry experienced unprecedented advancement in innovative and developed technologies, leading to the birth of new therapies and growth in overall healthcare industry, therefore this sub-sector of health care will be an area of focus for Spartacus.

About the Clean Tech Sector Outlook

Through the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, whose launch coincided with the start of COP21, some of the biggest names in government, business and entrepreneurship are stepping up to make clean, renewable energy a top priority. The timing of its launch draws a clear link between government efforts to reduce climate change and private investors’ belief in the power of cleantech.

About the Technology Sector Outlook

In the current environment, business investment continues in the technology arena, which is a key factor in this sector's long-term growth prospects. Companies will invest in technology first, before labor, to maintain competitiveness. Big data, mobile payments and cybersecurity are expanding trends.
On the enterprise side, where big budgets chase bigger operating efficiencies, there are disruptive opportunities to focus in the growth stage, where funding to fuel marketing and sales can amplify and accelerate growth and hence valuations.